Serrapeptase – A Feasible Therapy For Numerous Sclerosis

Serrapeptase – A Feasible Therapy For Numerous Sclerosis

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Serrapeptase – A Feasible Therapy For Numerous SclerosisSerrapeptase is definitely an anti-inflammatory agent which has been utilized clinically in European and Asian nations for many years. This by natural means happening enzyme is recognized to interrupt down scar tissues, blood clots, arterial plaques, cysts, and irritation on all types with out harming the residing cells. Consequently, it’s been utilized as remedies for numerous autoimmune illnesses. But what’s an autoimmune illness?

The actual inflamation related response is a crucial system with regard to protecting the body through defective tissue as well as harmful microorganisms. This is exactly why an individual’s injury or even harm will get swollen since it begins it’s healing process. Nonetheless, you’ll find circumstances where your body’s defense technique is not any more time in a position associated with determining the actual safe microorganisms within the perhaps dangerous sorts. Consequently, this sort of scenario could cause several autoimmune ailments this sort of as much sclerosis, the sickness where the actual anxiety in the main nervous technique degrade.

Every neural inside the individual entire body is actually covered with a safeguarding cells scientifically known as myelin. Aside from protecting the actual anxiety, furthermore, this raises the tranny associated with urges together with the actual anxiety which is responsible for keeping the actual wellness in the anxiety. Nonetheless, inside the scenario of several sclerosis, the actual defense technique processes the actual myelin sheath.

Consequently, the actual discussion among the body as well as the thoughts are interrupted. While using decrease in the myelin sheath, not only will be the anxiety damaged nevertheless the electric urges which trip together with the actual anxiety decrease. So that as a growing number of anxiety tend to be influenced, One tends to knowledge problems while using abilities that are mainly handled in the nervous technique this sort of because storage, talk, vision, making, as well as walking.

The actual degeneration in the anxiety is actually permanent that can make several sclerosis the precariously incapacitating sickness. Although this particular sickness can happen from all ages, this most often exhibits within people among 20 as well as 50 years of grow older. Indications of this kind of sickness considerably vary. It could depend on that area the injury is actually triggered and the way bad the injury is actually.

You’ll find several meant results in for the start of several. Studies possess incited inherited genes as well as issues in the defense technique. Nonetheless, they have however to summarize that between the feasible results in specifically activates the condition. It is thought that the worldwide broker this sort of just like a computer virus adjustments the actual defense technique, that makes it believe that myelin can be a perhaps dangerous substance. Consequently, the actual defense technique starts targeting this. As well as concerning genetics’ perform inside the occurrence in the sickness, it has been reported due to the observance that the majority victims tend to be associated with Indigenous United states, japan as well as Hard anodized cookware bloodstream. Additionally, the condition tends to occur among first-degree members of the family.

There’s no fix for several sclerosis. The treatment for the sickness is particularly dedicated to fighting the actual autoimmune response as well as manipulating the signs or symptoms. Within choice medicine, nonetheless, serrapeptase is believed to become feasible treatment with this devastating sickness. It is based on the reasons which simply because serrapeptase is very effective from eating lacking non-living cells as well as cleaning arterial plaques, it might very properly produce equivalent outcomes round the scar tissue tissue that are probably to occur inside the myelin sheath. And it is hypothesized, as a result, which when serrapeptase opens the scarring which formed round the myelin sheath, the actual anxiety are likely to use far better.

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Systemic Enzyme Therapy: Study Shows Serrapeptase is Stronger than Trypsin, Chymotrypsin and Aspirin

Systemic Enzyme Therapy: Study Shows Serrapeptase is Stronger than Trypsin, Chymotrypsin and Aspirin

A team of researchers has proposed a potential alternative therapy regarding the anti-inflammatory activity of proteolytic enzymes, aspirin and their possible interactions in reducing various states of inflammation.

Their study provides strong evidence that various proteolytic enzymes – specifically trypsin, chymotrypsin and serratiopeptidase (serrapeptase) – can significantly reduce inflammation when taken alone and provide a synergistic affect when taken in low doses with aspirin without an increased risk of ulceration; a concept that can be a breakthrough for those who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to treat chronic inflammation and are at high risk of developing ulcers with long-term use.

To conduct their study, the team used rat models with experimentally produced acute and sub-acute inflammation. Acute inflammation was produced by injecting carrageenan, a gelatinous extract from seaweed, in the right hind paw of the animal to simulate edema. Sub-acute inflammation was produced by implanting cotton pellets subcutaneously, or just under the skin, forming a granuloma.

Animals were treated with aspirin, proteolytic enzymes alone in three different doses, an enzyme-aspirin combination, or with saline as the control. Treatment was administered 30 minutes prior to inducing inflammation and was repeated once daily for 10 days.


They assessed the level of edema produced by the injection by measuring the change in volume of the paw. Serrapeptase showed better anti-inflammatory activity on acute inflammation than trypsin, chymotrypsin and aspirin.

The cotton pellet was removed after 10 days and dry weight was taken to measure the amount that had been broken down. Serrapeptase was found to be more effective at reducing mass size than trypsin, chymotrypsin and aspirin in the sub-acute model of inflammation.

While the lowest dose of all three proteolytic enzymes failed to be effective, they possessed a synergistic effect when taken in low doses with low doses of aspirin in both acute and sub-acute models of inflammation.

The stomach was also inspected and measured for ulcers. The serrapeptase, chymotrypsin and trypsin treated animals showed a significant reduction in damage to the stomach as compared to the control. Enzyme-aspirin combinations showed a significant reduction when compared with aspirin treated animals.

The research team stills need to confirm the results in clinical trials on people, but the findings offer support for treatment options including systemic enzymes like serrapeptase that may change how inflammation is treated and possibly prevented.


SOURCE: Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2008; 70(1):114-117.

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Article by Diana Rogers

“SERRAPEPTASE ENZYME 4 GOOD HEALTH””SERRAPEPTASE THE ENZYME, ENDED MY PAIN””PAIN and INFLAMMATION” the most destructive human feelings possible!I have lived with pain for many years. My attitude changed my world and everyone near me and not in a pleasant way!Pain changes your emotions, attitude and keep you tired and ill. The pain drains you of energy — energy that your body needs to heal itself.Prescription drugs mask the pain but do not heal the problem. Alternative natural remedies for pain come in herbs, homeopathic, ointments and even massage therapies. You like I have tried many natural remedies but they just don’t work! One good thing about trying alternative remedies…… You know what not to recommend! WOW!!! I now have cleaned out those pain remedies. I found the answer!!! Serrapeptase the enzyme! A Miracle Enzyme!!!I noticed less pain from scar tissue in my foot within 2 weeks of starting Serrapeptase and it just gets better!What is this enzyme “Serrapeptase”? The silkworm produces an enzyme (Serratia E15) that dissolves the hard cocoon so that this wonderful creature can emerge as a butterfly. The silkworm products a thread that makes a beautiful cloth, also products one of the greatest healing remedies, Serrapeptase.God has created naturally the enzyme that heals the needs of us all. This natural enzyme was discovered and studied by Hans Nieper, a German scientist and doctor over 30 years ago, to reduce the blockage in the carotid arteries.It is used in both Europe and Asia as a natural alternate for the relief of pain and removal of dead-scar tissue, inflammation and arterial blockage. It was not introduced in the U.S. until around 2002. Hans Nieper’s research with serrapeptase was for blocked arteries. Serrapeptase taken in a small amount over a period of several months reduced the blockage of clogged arteries and in many cases the arteries were cleared of blockage. In Asia, research revealed that serrapeptase safely dissolves away dead tissue in the body and this reduced pain or removed the pain completely. It can change the appearance of scars by removing the scar tissue below the surface. Many doctors have recognized the results of taking serrapeptase and its healing results.As the dead tissue is dissolved, it is changed into an amino acid that is used safely by the body to supply food to living cells as energy.

I have been taking Serrapeptase for 2 months and the pain from scar tissue formed in my right foot has been reduced to where I can work with less pain. I can feel the reduction of hardness where the scar tissue was and it keeps improving.

I have PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) which is a debilitating and painful disease. They do not know the cause but it can keep you bedridden or in so much pain you cannot hardly move or walk. PMR is an inflammation of the blood that affects all of the joints and muscles of the body. I must take a steroid (Predisone) to relieve the pain. There are many negative sides to steroids and I must be tested every 6 weeks to adjust the medication for the inflammation, pain and to reduce the destruction to my body organs.

Since taking serrapeptase, my last 2 blood tests were significantly improved and I have been able to reduce the Predisone. I am in less pain and believe the enzyme is working on the inflammation.

Thank God and Serrapeptase for less pain and better health.My Serrapeptase Website

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